IoTSWC 2019 hosts a Brokerage Event to identify partners in more than 35 countries

Providers of IoT, artificial intelligence and blockchain solutions, technological centres, universities and startups, as well as industrial companies interested in implementing these disruptive technologies. All of them will have the chance to find international business, commercial and technological partners at the Brokerage Event to be held at IoTSWC (IoT Solutions World Congress) from 29th to 31st October. This networking activity plans to schedule 800 bilateral interviews over three days involving more than 350 companies from over 35 countries.

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Heal me up: Why IoT is creating surprising value in redefining healthcare

By Anna Solana, IOTSWC

Today, your watch can track your steps, sleep and heart rate. It can even monitor whether you have depression symptoms. There are also smart insulin pens to better manage diabetes and connected inhalers for asthma treatment, as well as ingestible sensors that can improve how regularly you take your medication.

It’s happening. The implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT) for healthcare is revolutionizing the industry by redefining the relationship between patients and physicians, improving treatment outcomes and reducing costs. How far this shift will take us when combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain or whether this is the near future of medical care is anybody’s guess at the moment.

So far, the IoT in healthcare is mainly focused on remote monitoring of patients and on tracking and maintenance of assets. That means that IoT devices are used to give patients access to personalized attention and to enable physicians to keep track of patient’s adherence to treatment plans. They also allow hospitals to know the real-time location of medical equipment and to lessen emergency room wait times. Last but not least, they help insurers reduce claims significantly. 

Hemp houses could be greener, fire-resistant and built like Lego

It's sustainable, heat resistant, humidity-free — and carbon negative

The green nubs on these hempcrete blocks make them looks like giant Lego pieces, and that's how they fit together. The product is sustainable, carbon negative and a quicker build than using concrete, says Just BioFiber CEO Terry Radford. (Monty Kruger/CBC)

All in all, Terry Radford's new product — with apologies to Pink Floyd — looks to be anything but another brick in a wall.

That's because the president of Just BioFiber, based in Airdrie, Alta., believes it has come up with a hempcrete-based brick that is more than the equal of the usual homebuilding materials.

Radford, president and CEO of Just BioFiber, says his company has found a way to combine hempcrete — the wooden core of the hemp plant — with lime and water to create a building block that he believes has the potential to change the way we build homes. Radford says the product is as environmentally-friendly as it is user-friendly.



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World's first floating wind farm starts generating electricity

The world's first floating wind farm has started delivering electricity to the Scottish grid. Five giant turbines have been tethered to the seabed about 15 miles from Peterhead in Aberdeenshire. The wind farm has been officially opened by Nicola Sturgeon. The first minister said the project, which will generate enough power for about 20,000 homes, was testament to Scotland's "international reputation" for renewable energy.

Norwegian energy firm Statoil has been working on developing the project, known as Hywind, for more than 15 years. The floating approach allows turbines to be installed in much deeper waters than conventional offshore wind farms. This wind farm is positioned in water depths of up to 129m, whereas those fixed to the seabed are generally at depths of up to 50m.Statoil says up to 80 per cent of potential offshore wind sites are in waters more than 60m deep. The company believes floating turbines have the potential to work in depths of up to 800m.

Bird charity RSPB Scotland opposed the project, not because it dislikes the technology but because it believes too many offshore turbines in the area have already been approved. It fears thousands of sea birds may be killed by offshore wind farms.

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